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the agreement. the president if you don't want to be cynical, maybe we ought to be happy and think positively. if you hear the president, he says no deal will go into place in six months if they violate any of these. >> right. we should be totally clear about two things. one, this is not just between iran and the united states, this is an agreement between the united states and iran as well as great britain, germany, france, china, and russia. this is really a global deal. also be clear, it's not just the israelis, it's also the gulf states and saudi arabia. i'll make a third point. anyone that i've ever spoken to in the region is that iran will have one because they have the desire and they have the money to pay for it. >> when i was first listening to the breaking news on fox news channel, six month deal seems like it's reasonable because it's a short period of time. you've got intrusive inspectors going in there. the iranians have agreed to this. this is part of the six-month deal. the thing that's interesting is if after six months they haven't followed the deal, what? >> then there's no
don't always go as plabd, like this one. >> keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me. >> well, we've got the do's and don'ts for giving the toast this wedding season. don't argue with me. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> it's over. daylight saving time ends right now. the new york marathon begins in a minute. good luck to all of you running it this morning. >> everybody is up. >> would you have overslept or underslept if you didn't set your clock? i'm confused. >> under slept. >> you would be awake early. >> right? >> did you guys do -- be honest. did you guys wake up on time and kind of look over and eyeball the clock and go, oh, i've got an extra hour and roll back over. >> no. i woke up standing in the middle of my room, freaked out, where am i? >> testing my reflexes. >> our producer, megan and i had 20 hours of me freaking out, wait, did it reset? is it 2:00 or is it 3:00 but 2:00. >> this is why we shouldn't do it any longer. >> but we're here. >> good to be here today, you guys. let's get to some of the other headlines. new details in the ter
and child. >> there's no radio, no television. the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> the u.n. says 2.5 million people are in need of food aid in the area there and unicef estimates there's 1.5 million children who could be affected by this. coming up we'll have a live report from that devastated area and hear from aid workers what the crisis looks like. >>> on to another fox news alert, police in texas are on the hunt for two suspects after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage at a massive house party. two are dead. 16 others wounded. it happened just before midnight in a suburb near houston. dozens of people mostly teenagers were at the house when the gunfire rang out. >> it was chaos. just chaos. i heard between five and ten gun shots, and, you know, scared us a little bit. had the kids go upstairs with the wife. highly unusual for this area. this is a pretty quiet residential area. lot of children here. >> police say a man and a woman were killed. one died at the party another at the hospital. third victim is currently in surgery. we'll keep you
folks. you are not going to lose your doctor. you don't have to worry about it. >> unless you pass the law forcing private companies to employ doctors and then another law requiring doctors to work, we may get to that, by the way, you can't control the marketplaces they're finding out. united health care, which is one of the biggest employers of doctors in this country, has dropped thousands of them from their insurance plans. the reason, obama care cuts reimbursement for medicare and in the end, it doesn't make economic sense for this company to employ all these physicians when they're not getting the money from the government. >> right. so now what's happening is all of these elderly patients are wondering do i need to switch providers in do i need to switch plans to continue to see my doctor? elderly folks, for example, of course they are going to have very strong ties with their doctors and probably go see them a lot more than the young, healthy americans that the president is relying on to sign up even though they haven't been to try to make sure this thing actually gets off t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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